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Founded in 2004, Summit Marketing Group was created based on a need that Chris Burns saw with small businesses in the Western North Carolina; the need for a single company to act as an outsourced marketing department for small to medium sized businesses.

What does that mean?

In short, 这意味着一个公司可以监督你的业务的营销需求, regardless of how simple or diverse those needs are.

Think of it this way...the typical small business starts with the owner handling all of the marketing; whether that be defined as sales, advertising, social media, content marketing, earned media, website updates and reputation mangement...or all of the above.  Chris saw a recurring trend with his commercial clients; they would start small and gradually outsource things to specific vendors.  For instance, if the client started advertising in print media, 印刷媒体将提供信息,创意和设计广告.  如果把它搬到电视上,电视台就会想出广告的信息和创意.  If that moved to digital advertising, 数字广告主会想出信息和创意.  一名员工将被分配社交媒体和网页设计师将处理网站的设计和内容.   All of this being done in independent vaccums.  然后,业务通常会有4种不同的外观或设计来支持4种不同的信息, in 4 different tones of voice.

As an outsourced marketing department, Summit采用了所有这些功能,并将它们结合在一起, consistent look, tone and message across all platforms.  加上Chris在商业和营销领域30多年的经验,你有丰富的知识和经验来指导和指导这个过程.

We Love Our Community

“重要的是家庭、朋友、回馈社区以及找到生活的意义."   -Adrian Grenier

社区给了我们灵感,让我们有动力去做伟大的工作. 这就是为什么峰会团队为北卡西部贡献了时间、人才和财富.

除了尽可能多地为我们的非营利性客户提供无偿十大赌博正规平台在线之外, 每个团队成员都为我们所珍视的组织贡献了时间.

合伙人兼创意总监托尼·西格尔被召唤为我们社区的孩子们工作. Formerly the president of Hands-On! 儿童博物馆,目前是圣. Gerard House, a school for autistic children, Tony gives 100%, both physically and emotionally, to any cause he serves.

Tony says, “As a native of Western North Carolina, 这对我来说意义重大,现在我要回馈这个在我小时候给予我很多的地方.”

In the past, 合伙人克里斯·伯恩斯曾担任帕迪医院基金会主席, Blue Ridge Community Health Services, Hendersonville Rotary, The Henderson County Young Leaders program, and the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce. Today, 他花了很多时间在厄古斯塔步道的板上工作, 这是一个铁路到步道的项目,他相信这将极大地促进亨德森和特兰西瓦尼亚县的物质和经济健康.

“想到你今天与社区成员一起努力的事情可能在未来几年对我们整个地区产生如此持久的影响,真是令人兴奋,” says Chris.

峰会合伙人Marybeth Burns目前担任亨德森县商会和亨德森维尔扶轮社的董事会成员, as well as on the Student Health Advisory Committee. 但她的热情在于教育社区十大电子游戏平台平衡健康和饮食失调的知识, 所以玛丽贝丝把她的大部分空闲时间都花在担任T .董事会主席上.H.E. 并向社区学生和组织介绍饮食失调.

Marybeth says, “我们成立顶峰营销集团的主要原因是为了满足我们社区的需求. 它让我们呆在我们喜欢的地方,和对我们来说很重要的人一起工作.”

其他高峰会团队成员贡献他们的时间给扶轮社, Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, and humanitarian and church outreach groups, just to name a few!

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